The Blazetray story is one of inspiration, innovation, and perseverance. It all started in Oklahoma on a sunny day in 2010 when a 20-year-old inventor, brimming with ideas and dreams, had a stroke of genius during a work break. Looking at a large ashtray with a hump in the middle, the idea to integrate a push lighter struck like lightning.

Unaware of the impact this idea would have, the inventor embarked on the journey to bring it to life. After tirelessly searching online, he found a small ashtray overseas with the desired hump. By drilling a hole, connecting a lighter, and hooking it up to a 12v battery, the prototype worked—although with a humorous excess of amperage.

Originally named Ez-Light, Blazetray was born, marking the inventor's first named creation. However, the path ahead was filled with challenges. He discovered the harsh reality that support and education for inventors were scarce, leaving many feeling abandoned by the industry.

Undeterred, he reached out to sharks and celebrities for guidance and support. Unfortunately, some investors and famous individuals used his ideas without giving credit. This experience led him to create Idea to Market, becoming a leader in the field.

Through resilience, the Blazetray journey continues, inspiring others to pursue their dreams despite the challenges.

- Albert Blackledge

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